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You know what’s hard? Designing fashion from a made up culture. So here’s a pretty picture of Ahinoam and a short rundown on clothes.

Her race is the eika. They live in the desert, and are essentially fire elementals. They can summon and control fire without much thought, and are pretty much immune to it. They wear very colorful clothing and LOTS of layers, for 2 reasons-

1. Insulation. That fire resistance comes from an insanely high core temperature, thus almost everywhere (sans where they live during summer) seems too cold to them and the air saps their body heat really quickly and it can quickly become dangerous for them.

2. Protection. Not for themselves, but for humans and other species they interact with. They’re so hot to the touch that they burn a normal human (imagine all the times you’ve accidentally touched a hot stove) and since they’re big on trading (their main export is dyed cloth) the extra precautions are necessary.

That’s all I have to say for now other than the left picture is a typical outfit for Ahinoam, the right one is … I’m not sure. I was trying to draw some weird pants-skirt-thing I saw an Indonesian girl wear in a youtube video and it kind of failed. Eh. Next time I guess.

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